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PixelPhone Pro is a dialer app for Android from Dorado apps that wants to make it not only easier and more convenient for you to get quick and easy access to all of your contacts, but to make it more enjoyable, too. This is an app that features a fully-customizable interface, an easy-to-use and to launch dialer with QWERTY and T9 search. With call recording and Caller ID features as well, PixelPhone is an app that's only growing ever-larger. There are a wide variety of themes on offer here as well as quality contacts management, the option to group message people, support for multiple SIM cards and different contacts, and a whole lot more, PixelPhone seems like the dream phone app for Android. Let's take a closer look and see, shall we?

While PixelPhone was originally developed by a Russian team of developers, it was recently purchased by Felink. With a new and more professional team behind it, the app is now available for free, for a limited time only, to celebrate. Users can download PixelPhone from the Play Store. When users first open up the app, they'll be given a view of the main screen, which features the quick and speedy dialer front and center as well as a look at your call log.



From here, users can of course choose to call someone that they've spoken to recently, and they can also go ahead and take a look at their wider contacts. Here, users can scroll up and down quickly to get to a certain letter – where the letter will appear in the center of the screen to make navigating nice and simple. Users can also search through their contacts using PixelPhone, and the app is mature enough to enable searching via both T9 numbers as well as QWERTY arrangements for the names of their contacts. This will allow users to get to their contacts nice and quickly, and it speeds up the whole process of finding someone you haven't spoken to in a long time.

PixelPhone 01



Contacts management is a key part of PixelPhone, and on top of the sophisticated search element, there is also quality groups management, such as your favorites and businesses or peer groups.

PixelPhone 02



Rather than just be a simple replacement for the dialer app you already have, PixelPhone decides to go further and introduce great features to make things altogether much easier. Such as the quick swipes feature. This allows users to customize how PixelPhone acts, enabling users to create custom gestures to do specific things that will speed things up for them. For instance, PixelPhone Pro would allow someone to create a custom gesture to swipe one way to call someone using a specific SIM card. This is the sort of feature that helps set PixelPhone apart from the rest.

PixelPhone 03



This, as well as a lot of other settings can be changed by long-pressing on the menu key found on the dialer. The settings menu is similarly easy to work with and provides quick and accessible options for a lot of common changes.

2016-07-19 16.11.33

This is also where you'll find options for the themes as well, of which there are a number included within the app, as well as more that you can download from the Play Store, too. I found it a little annoying when you'd have to download something from the Play Store as there should be this functionality built right into the app in my opinion. Still, these themes are nice to have, and they do make a decent difference to the overall look and feel of the app.


2016-07-19 16.13.11

No matter how customizable and how easy it to use however, PixelPhone keeps one thing clear throughout, that this is an app that wants to make it easier to keep on top of your contacts and such. That's why the app also consolidates numerous call long entries into one, to make it nice and neat.

PixelPhone 04



This sort of ease of use extends to the way that multiple SIM cards on phones that support them is handled. It's a lot easier to use a dual SIM phone with PixelPhone Pro for instance.

PixelPhone 05



If you were to have a dualSIM phone, you would see entries for both of your SIMs in the screenshot below, which makes it super-easy to have work and play on the same phone, without making things complicated.

2016-07-19 16.11.10

A lot of phones these days, such as the new Samsung devices, come with built-in blacklists as well as info on potential spam callers. If your device doesn't have that, PixelPhone can help. It doesn't support a built-in database, but it does feature a blacklist, allowing users to control who and what can get hold of them.


This is a good feature for the privacy concious as well as businesses, and in a future version they will be able to record these calls, too.


After spending some time with PixelPhone Pro, I can see why a lot of users would be happy to use it on a daily basis. Especially those that either have a lot of contacts or happen to use a dual SIM device. The way that PixelPhone Pro handles contacts and such is a lot better than other dialers out there in the Play Store, and those with two or even three SIM cards in their device can separate these contacts by their respective SIM cards, making sure you never ring someone with the wrong number again. Speaking of making and taking phone calls, PixelPhone makes even this simple task a lot easier as well. With custom swipes and gestures available to people, this is an app that allows users to fully take control of the way they interact with their contacts on their device. Contacts, are similarly well-organized in PixelPhone, and with an intelligent search system, as well as the option to use a sophisticated favorites manager and groups feature, this is a great way of keeping everyone nice and organized.


  • Speed (4/5) – Speed is one of the first things that people will notice about PixelPhone, it's quick to make a phone call and the interface itself is nice and speedy as well.
  • Theme (5/5) – The default Lollipop theme looks good, but with some excellent options included, such as the darker themes, as well as more in the Play Store, it would be hard to be disappointed with the overall look of this app.
  • Features (4/5) – Aside from the blacklist feature and the excellent multiple SIM card features, PixelPhone offers features you can find in other apps all over the Play Store, but it does so in a quicker, speedier and altogether more sophisticated manner.
  • Overall (4/5) – PixelPhone runs well, has a lot of features in store for those looking for a better way to organize their contacts and it's infinitely customizable as well, not just in the way it looks but also in the way that it behaves, too.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface, despite the complicated features underneath it.
  • Multiple SIM card users will have a lot to like about the features PixelPhone has on offer.
  • Gives users with cluttered phone logs a great way of organizing everything to make it neater and easier to understand.
  • Contacts management is excellent, with a myriad of options and features to keep everything neat and tidy including groups and of course favorites.


  • Doesn't feature a built-in whitelist or database of known spam callers as other dialers do.
  • Some themes need to be downloaded from the Play Store before they can be applied.

All-in-all, PixelPhone is a great dialer for Android, and one that has all the sort of features that most users will be looking for as well as some nice surprises, too. Of particular interest for users with multiple SIM cards or accounts, PixelPhone has some of the best contacts management features out there, and it will help tidy up your device's contacts for sure. A great app that feels professional, runs smoothly and doesn't get in the way of anything, PixelPhone is worth looking into.

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