Sponsored App Review: Jamoji


Jamoji is an Android app that gives users the opportunity to express themselves with a little Jamaican charm. For those of Jamaican heritage and culture, they'll be able to communicate with their friends and family in a familiar and fun way using the wide range of emojis, photos and GIFs that are available in Jamoji. With free and paid emoji packs available. Jamoji is an app for those that both love emoji as well as Jamaican culture an the carefree way of life. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

As with other emoji apps and keyboards, users will need to download Jamoji from the Play Store. It isn't a free app however, which might put off some users, but it's at least worth giving a try.



There's an end user agreement that people have to sign, which is a little strange in an app like this, but it's nothing to be worried about, either way. After that, there is some explanation on how to install and then use the keyboard.

Screenshot_20160703-094749 (1)


Once this is all setup, users can access the Jamoji keyboard by switching their input methods just as they would any other time. Here I am testing this out inside of the messaging app.


Once a user changes there input method to the Jamoji keyboard they'll be able to choose from the many emoji and pictures that Jamoji has to offer.



Now, what's important to remember with Jamoji is that the app simply sends these emoji and pictures as MMS messages. This has its good and bad sides. For one, it means that anyone with a phone capable of taking picture messages will be able to see these, regardless of how old the phone is. However, this also means that each emoji sent via the Jamoji app will incur some sort of charge, as MMS messages aren't usually included in most people's packages and can be quite expensive.



Whether or not this is too expensive will be down to the user, but there is a wide variety of different emoji, images and quick messages for people to choose from.


This variety of different emoji come in different categories, which are separated by the icons at the bottom of the app. One thing that the Jamaicans are rightly proud of is that well-established sporting prowess and this is just one area that Jamoji allows people to express themselves in.



There's a selection of emoji, or should that be Jamoji, for everyone including the boys as well as the girls.

Jamoji 01


And of course Jamoji for the girls as well.

Jamoji 02

Jamoji is, perhaps, an app that is simply trying to ride the wave that is the emoji. There are countless other emoji keyboards in the Play Store and if you look hard enough there's an emoji keyboard for practically everything. Keeping that in mind, what's wrong with Jamaicans and Jamaican culture being represented here? Nothing at all. In fact, Jamoji is a good bit of fun with some quirky and helpful emojis that get across small messages as well as bring a smile to your face. The app itself however, could do with some work, despite promises there is no actual keyboard, and instead you have to zip between the Jamoji keyboard that just handles emoji and then your preferred ABC keyboard to get any real typing done. It does however, get the job done and will send the emoji to anyone and everyone that you want. It's just a shame that the MMS way that Jamoji does this also ends up creating more charges for people, but at least it means that anyone and everyone will be able to see them.



  • Speed (4/5) – Everything here runs nice and smoothly and the keyboard always loads quickly, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – The wide variety of different Jamoji and the overall high quality of the characters gives Jamoji good presentation overall.
  • Features (3/5) – While Jamoji is ultimately designed just for fun, it's expensive upfront for an emoji keyboard and each MMS message for each emoji sent will also cost you money as well. With no QWERTY keyboard included either, the functionality of Jamoji starts to seem slim.
  • Overall (4/5) – Jamoji is the sort of app that is a good bit of fun, but shouldn't be taken too seriously. Despite the fact that it can be expensive, fans of both emoji and Jamaican culture will find this good fun.


  • Doesn't need other friends and family to have the Jamoji app on their device, the MMS system is universal.
  • Has a lot of different Jamoji included as well as those for boys, girls and the whole family.
  • More Jamoji and extra content is added to the app all of the time and it stays fresh well beyond the initial download.
  • Gives Jamaicans a way of communicating with each other through in-jokes and other common ground.


  • Only works in apps that support MMS or image attachments.
  • Could be considered a little pricey for an emoji app like this.

Overall, Jamoji is a fun little emoji app that will certainly please a small group of users, but without a proper keyboard included and an MMS system that will cost users every time they send one, it could do with some work. It's a good bit of fun and will put a smile on your face, while it won't appeal to everyone there is an audience out there for this sort of thing and Jamoji serves that audience well.