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Collage+ is an Android app that wants to be the easiest way of making a collage on Android. It features lots of different themes across many different categories that each have their own different look and feel to work well with your particular content. With the ability to save as well as share your collages to WhatsApp, Instagram and to Google Photos, Collage+ quickly starts to sound like one of the more complete collage solutions on Android. More than just a collage app however, users can apply their own touches to complete collages with stickers, text and a whole lot more besides. So let's take a closer look and see what it's all about, shall we?

Just like other Android apps, it's best to download Collage+ from the Play Store, and then load it up to see all the different categories that on offer with Collage+.


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All of these different categories offer users something a little different from one another, and this is pretty great as it not only offers a wide variety, but it makes it nice and easy to sort through as well. These categories range from simple things such as "Party" to more sentimental things like "Wedding" and "Kids".

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Whenever you find a collage design that you like, you can start adding photos to it. One thing that users won't be able to do is to change the placement of the photos in their collage, which might be something of an annoyance for some users.

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You can however, add more than one picture to certain collages. This does of course depend on the particular design you've chosen, but there's a decent variety of these on offer. This is a collage I put together using some of my coffee pictures, I'm a big fan of coffee and so are a lot of my friends, so we like to share good pictures of excellent coffee.


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Once you've put together the base for your collage, by choosing your images and moving them around or zooming in or out on the individual photos, you can then start to apply even more edits. These come in the form of text as well as stickers and a lot more.

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While this works well and allows users to further personalize things it does come with a couple of issues. The first is that the majority of these collage designs already come with some sort of text on them, so customizing them further will end up creating some sort of a clash. Secondly, a lot of these collages aren't included in the free app, and many of them will ask you to pay up before you can even save them, let alone make said edits to them.

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Of course, when you do find a Collage that you have available to you, you can choose to save it to your device, as well as share to a number of apps directly, such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


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As an added bonus, you can also use Android's Direct Share to feature to share these items will all of your friends and family, no matter which app you use to communicate with them.

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All-in-all, Collage+ is a fairly decent collage application, and certainly one of the few that offers users a lot more than your average app out there. It not only makes it super-easy to create a collage in the first place, but it has a lot of different categories and different looks available for those looking for something different. These categories are easy to swipe through, and they're broken up into the typical sort of categories that people like when looking to create a collage to keep a memory of a certain time, certain date or certain feeling. To that end, Collage+ works well, and it doesn't make it too difficult for users to actually create their perfect collage. It does however, make it difficult to figure out just which collages you can actually save and keep as your own, and which you need to pay a little extra money for. This is annoying for users, not because they're asked to pay money, but because the app just isn't that clear about what's free and what isn't. Once users have this figured out however, things become a lot better for users, and it isn't long before they figure out how to use the app completely.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything in Collage+ runs nice and smoothly, and there's little to get in the way for users looking to create their perfect collage.
  • Theme (4/5) – There's a wide variety of different collages on offer and they all look and feel great, giving users a lot to look forward to when creating their own masterpiece.
  • Features (4/5) – For the most part, Collage+ gives users a lot of confidence in creating whatever they want to help them remember their favorite moments. It's fairly easy to use, has a wide variety of collages available and is free to download.
  • Overall (4/5) – Making collages isn't exactly difficult in today's world, but there is a market for something like Collage+, a highly-focused and simple app that strives to do one thing, and one thing only really well; make great collages.


  • Lots of different categories available such as "Office", "Wedding", "Party" and a lot more.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface makes this nice and easy to create something truly special.
  • Gives users the option of sharing to whatever app they want or to simply save the finished article to their devices.
  • High-quality artwork in the collages is also available to tweak and make your own.


  • Doesn't give users the best information when it comes to which of the collages are free and which are paid.
  • Using text to edit collages seems a little redundant as a lot of the designs already come with text applied to them.

All-in-all, Collage+ is what it is; an app designed for those that love to make collages. Whether or not users are looking to make a one-off for a new photo frame or looking to share memories from a specific event or holiday with their friends and family in a stylish manner, Collage+ has a lot on offer. It works well, is easy-to-use and is free to download as well. It might be the best out there, but it's high-focused and nice and easy to use, which makes this one of the better options out there already.

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