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5D Planner is an Android app that wants to help people make planning choices for interior design, new buildings or just small scale redecoration projects. Using both 2D and 3D platforms and items, users can create all sorts of examples of what they want to create. With thousands of different items and furniture to populate your plans for future buildings and so on. Once designed, users can manipulate the view of their plans in either 2D or 3D using pinch-to-zoom and other pan gestures to get a real close look at things. If that's not good enough however, Planner 5D gives users a virtual reality review using Google Cardboard that allows users to move around and take a look at how their plans look with scale and such. Is Planner 5D a genuinely helpful app or something that's just another gimmick?. It also allows you to create a floor plan and a simple interior design using all textures and colors, as well as using all available features and functions, the app could offer. While people can pay to get full access to the catalog, they can also watch a video ad each time or by sharing codes with friends to get access to a particular item or set of items from the catalog.

Much like other Android apps, Planner 5D is a free download from the Play Store. While it's free to download, not everything is free to use, however. The developers are up front about what's free and what's not though, which is refreshing to see. The free mode includes unlimited projects creation as well as choice of over 150 different objects from the catalog and 5 custom textures. While people can pay to get full access to the catalog, they can also watch a video ad each time to get access to a particular item or texture from the catalog.

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The first thing that people will see is 5D Planner asking for access to your device storage, this is fairly standard, as the app will need to add and edit items on the storage to add new items to the catalog. After that, people will be able to get access to the demo projects that the 5D Planner has included.

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These are actually a very nice inclusion, and I'm so glad to see these sort of demo projects included, as apps like 5D Planner can be notoriously difficult to get to grips without some sort of example. These Demo options do a great job of helping people explore what's possible with Planner 5D.


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As we can see, Planner 5D has all kinds of different items on offer, and they're all independent 3D objects, you can manipulate these and move them around however you like. This was impressive, as despite the fairly bland look of these items, they look just as good as Desktop-class software for this sort of thing only a few years ago. While it's great fun to zoom in and take a look around, the main attraction of 5D Planner is to make sure that you have an idea of what an area is going to look like, and the 2D views as well as zooming out in 3D do a good job of helping with this.

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Of course, nothing helps you prepare for something quite like being there, and with Cardboard integration, Planner 5D is something that does a damn good job of this, and it is a lot of fun being able to take a look around a virtual room in VR.

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This is something that few other apps offer. While some similar options in the Play Store do a good job of using augmented reality together with their catalog of items, Planner 5D does a better job of mixing the professional with new and fun technologies such as virtual reality.


Planner 5D VR

Speaking of professional, you don't need to be one in order to use 5D Planner, and use it well. Creating a blank canvas for a new room or building is really easy.

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So too, is choosing your items and furniture that you want to arrange in the space and then rearranging them to suit.

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Moving these items around is nice and simple, and all users need to do is to use the onscreen prompts to move things around.


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Planner 5D has a hell of a lot of different textures on offer as well, which can help to make a room look and feel differently.

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Accessing the catalog is much of where Planner 5D's money comes from, and there are a number of ways to get access to items, furnitures and textures from the catalog. Users can go ahead and purchase access to the entire thing if they want:

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If this seems a little pricey to you, Planner 5D offers you couple of options to unlock items for free: you are able to unlock a single item by watching a video ad or by sharing codes with your friends to unlock several items at once. This might seem offputting to some users, but in actuality it's a pretty decent way of helping them get access to more content without having to pay for it all upfront.

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As Planner 5D software exists on all platforms: Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows 10 platform and web site, the user is able to sync projects through almost all platforms. For instance, if the user wishes to keep on working on the project, which was created on Android, he can simply sign in with the same Planner 5D account, view and edit projects with home design and interior decor online app.

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Planner 5D is an Android app that has some seriously powerful uses to it, which is fairly rare to see sometimes. Planner 5D puts the tools necessary to design whatever you want, whether that's a new home, or just a new layout for the office. Interacting with floor plans, building height and so on is super-easy and in many ways this is a better alternative to Desktop-class software which is often slow and difficult to get to grips with. The same is true of placing and manipulating all the different pieces of furniture from the catalog, which is definitely a strength for the app in general. With so many different items available, it'd be very, very difficult to not find what you're looking for inside of this app, and getting full access to the catalog isn't too expensive, either. The Google Cardboard integration works wonderfully, and it's a wonder that other apps haven't given this some serious consideration, after all the 3D environment is already there in Planner 5D, so much of the work is done for you. Cardboard view makes it super-easy to take a look around and figure out whether or not it's the sort of environment that you want to create.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything in Planner 5D runs smoothly, and even with a hell of a lot onscreen at the same time, it runs brilliantly, no matter what.
  • Theme (5/5) – The presentation here is pretty stellar, everything feels nice and professional, and the interface is super-easy to use and it all looks and feels very professional.
  • Features (5/5) – With a catalog chock full of all kinds of furniture, items, designs, colors and textures you can practically create a mock up of whatever it is you need. Interacting with your creation is super-easy and with the visualizing the projects with photo realistic images you are able to create or Cardboard integration, users can even get a close look of what it would feel like being in the new space.
  • Overall (5/5) – Planner 5D is arguably the ultimate mock up tool, it runs smoothly, is easy-to-use and doesn't ask too much of the user. Few other tools out there make it as easy and immersive to get a close look at what you're hoping to create.

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  • Easy to get to grips with thanks to a good-looking and easily-understood user interface.
  • Demo projects give users a way of experimenting with the overall app and what it has to offer.
  • Huge amount of items in the catalog spanning interior design, office furniture, colorful wall designs and a lot more.
  • HD snapshots – converting 3D view to a high quality photo realistic images.
  • Google Cardboard view makes it nice and easy to get immersed in your new creation, helping you better see the vision of what could be.
  • Possible to sync project through all platforms: web site, iOS, macOS And Windows 10.


  • Individual packs to purchase from the catalog would be helpful, so someone creating a new Office could purchase just office furniture.
  • Interactive tutorial would help those new to the world of planning and mock ups figure out how to get started.

All-in-all, Planner 5D has a hell of a lot on offer, and it's the sort of app that will save users hundreds in professional software, not to mention their precious time, too. With so much on offer in the catalog, as well as a simple user interface, this is powerful stuff and will no doubt make it much easier to ensure a smooth transition from an idea closer to being reality.

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