These Are The Most Sought After Pokemon for Each US State

Regardless of whether you like it or not, Pokemon GO has become practically an overnight sensation, taking the United States by storm. Perhaps its the whole needing to go outside and spend time away from the office, the computer, the TV or whatever that has struck a chord with people, perhaps it's the heavy dose of nostalgia that comes along with it. No matter what it is, it's taken root, and it's quickly become the most popular mobile game throughout the United States. It officially launched in five more European countries this week, including our cousins across the pond, as well. While our friends in Europe are getting to grips with the game, the United States is gripped by Pokemania, and these are the most sought after Pokemon per state.

Used gadget and software dealer, Decluttr, has put together a non-scientific look at which Pokemon are the most hunted in each individual state. How the team at Decluttr came up with this was to effectively catalog how many searches for "where is..." and "how to find..." followed by the name of a particular Pokemon per state. So the more searches for, say, Mewtwo (which is incidentally the most sought after in the state of sunny Florida) would determine how rare it is in that particular State. As we said, this is clearly a non-scientific approach to things, and while it might not be the most specific or even accurate way of seeing who is the rarest of them all, there has been some sort of consensus. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Pikachu is the most sought after Pokemon throughout all of the United States, at least according to Decluttr's findings. Pikachu is the most sought after Pokemon in six different states, those being Arizona, Hawaii, Delaware, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Kansas. The next most popular Pokemon by this metric is Eevee, with five states currently on high alert to track them down.

Below are the images from Decluttr's infographic, and while it might not be all that scientific, it's a fun look at just how many people are out there looking for these Pokemon. If nothing else, these names should bring back a lot of - hopefully - pleasant memories from the 1990s, the decade that was for a lot of people, defined by the original Pokemon Game Boy games.

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