Snapchat Introduces New 'Searchable Memories' Feature


There are many reasons that almost all modern smartphones come with a camera, and one of the main reasons is to keep precious memories pristine. Whereas the human mind can corrupt memories in nigh-inconceivable ways at the drop of a hat or when fed the slightest detail or feeling, photographs are not prone to the same concerns. That goes double for videos. Aside from film or data corruption, photos and videos will always represent the truest version of any given memory. When it comes to photos and videos on mobile, Snapchat is quite close to the top of the heap, allowing you to share and alter your content in innovative ways. While your Snapchat content can already be arranged into a story, a new update today brings "Memories", a searchable database of your Snaps that allows you to piece together stories as you see fit, share special moments with others or simply take a stroll down memory lane. Memories can be accessed simply by swiping up from the camera view.

Much like Google's AI-based approach with Photos, Snapchat's new Memories function allows users to search through their memories by location or by special tags that the app generates. Searching for terms like "Grand Canyon", "Grandma" or "beach" will net you results related to those tags, sorted and tagged automatically by the app. These can, of course, be manually added to your Snapchat Story. If an addition to your story is in the past, it will bear a special frame to denote such. Memories are backed up by Snapchat in case of on-device catastrophe.


The new Memories function goes hand in hand with "My Eyes Only", a feature that lets you quickly and easily hide more private Snaps that may be lurking in your Memories. In order to put a Snap into Your Eyes Only, all you have to do is tap the screen while the Snap in question is being viewed, tap the top bar that comes up, and then tap on "Move to My Eyes Only." The new features will be rolling out steadily to users over the next month or so, and users are promised a chat from Snapchat when the Memories and My Eyes Only are ready for them to use.

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