Samsung Unveils Proprietary Font Called "SamsungOne"


Over the years, Samsung has put a lot of effort in becoming less reliant on other product manufacturers in a quest to become a self-sufficient smartphone maker. As a result, the tech giant supplies its own system-on-chips (at least part of them), RAM modules, batteries, AMOLED displays, and camera sensors just to name a few, and Samsung even attempted to create its own mobile operating system and platform known as Tizen. And while Tizen doesn't seem to be in a rush to replace Android OS anytime soon, Samsung's identity on its Android-powered smartphones remains clearly visible thanks to its proprietary TouchWiz user interface. But Samsung's quest to create a strong self-identity continues, and more recently it led to the creation of its own typeface called the "SamsungOne" font.

It would appear that any respectable tech giant reaches a point where it needs to choose or create a typeface for a wide range of its products. In the case of Google, the Roboto font has become the face of Android OS ever since Material Design was introduced. Apple, too, has its own custom font called San Francisco, which is now used across the entire Apple product lineup. Needless to say, Samsung has created its own typeface called SamsungOne, and the company aims to use the new font for many product categories, ranging from smartphones to TVs and home appliances. Moreover, the proprietary typeface will also be used by Samsung in advertisements, and will cover 26 writing systems, over 400 languages, and more than 25,000 characters. As far as the font's design goes, Samsung seems to have put a lot of thought into its creation, claiming that "the SamsungOne DNA incorporates specific key features", including a warm visual tone reassuring legibility, and "modern, sophisticated typographic forms" designed to "capture Samsung's advanced design thinking". The South Korean tech giant's press release also states that SamsungOne was designed "using five core typographic principles", namely "Humanist", "Distinctive", "Universal, Expert", and "Legible / Scalable".

For now, no timeframe for when SamsungOne will be introduced has been revealed, but the time of the press release seems to coincide with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's unveiling, which should take place next week on August 2nd. The idea that the aforementioned flagship will introduce a new typeface is not outlandish, but it is far from confirmed so in the end, we'll have to wait for Samsung to spill the beans, one way or another.


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