Samsung Galaxy Note 7 VRS Design Cases Pop Up Online

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the 'on topic' smartphone of right now. Which is not that surprising seeing the device is due to be unveiled in just a few weeks time in NYC on August 2nd. Either way, in the build up to the unveiling, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is currently undergoing a massive number of leaks and for just about every tiny detail. For instance, just this morning the USB cable believed to be for the Galaxy Note 7 leaked, which was then followed by another leaking of images of what was said to be the actual charger for the device. While these might be small details in general, they do highlight the level of interest in this smartphone and even those smaller details.

Of course, with a device as big as the Galaxy Note 7 due to land soon, there has been a ton of case and cover images coming through as well. While these provide a good insight into the choice of accessories that will be available when the Galaxy Note 7 becomes available, they also do provide a good insight into the actual handset itself. As these are upcoming cases, it is commonly understood that the case makers might be made privy to some of the smartphone details like sizing, the hardware placements and so on. As such, new Galaxy Note 7 cases are always worth briefing checking out.

The latest of which are now here. The gallery of images below highlight the latest cases to become listed for the Galaxy Note 7 and these are all from known case maker VRS Design. Cases include the Damda Glide series which offer a slide-out compartment for storing credit and debit cards. Then there is the selection of leather cases on offer including the Genuine Croco Diary Series, the Genuine Leather Diary Series and the Native Diary Series. While the more protective cases on offer include the Duo Guard Series, the High Pro Shield Series and the Crystal Bumper Series. All series which makes use of Military Grade protection. While the more lightweight case options for the Galaxy Note 7 include the Simpli Lite Series, the Simpli Fit Series and the Crystal Mixx Series. You can check all the images in the gallery below.

Damda Glide Series

Genuine Croco Diary Series

Genuine Leather Diary Series

Native Diary Series

Duo Guard Series

High Pro Shield Series

Crystal Bumper Series

Simpli Lite Series

Simpli Fit Series

Crystal Mixx Series

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