Samsung Details Turbo Speed Technology In New Video


A couple of days ago and not long after the Samsung Galaxy J2 was announced in India, the company took the wraps off a new variant, called the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro. Among the several improvements introduced with the Pro model counts a larger amount of RAM, for a total of 2 GB up from 1.5 GB. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro benefits from a new RAM management engine called Turbo Speed Technology (or TST for short), and although the company didn't say much about TST at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro, more details regarding the ins and outs of TST have now been revealed in an official video on YouTube.

According to Samsung, the new Turbo Speed Technology is able to load applications up to 40% faster compared to smartphones with double the amount of RAM and without TST. In a nutshell, the way Samsung's engineers have achieved this was by combining "smaller apps + proactive app management + intelligent memory control". First, Samsung reworked its essential applications, including the Camera app, Gallery, Contacts, Messages and so on, and have "re-engineered" them to make the lighter and to require a smaller memory footprint. Additionally, the apps have been rearranged to "a single page format", which lowers the RAM footprint even further. The second step was to implement a new "proactive app management" system for managing inactive applications and improve multitasking. The system "intelligently and proactively finds, halts, and kills inactive applications", not only from the RAM but from the Kernel too, terminating system processes in order to free up more memory.

Lastly, while apps with smaller footprints and a more thorough app management contribute to freeing up RAM, managing the free RAM is another aspect altogether. For this reason, Samsung has created a new "intelligent memory control", designed to rearrange and declutter freed space in order to make "more RAM available at any instance". All in all, Samsung's goal with the introduction of Turbo Speed Technology is to improve performance and multitasking through better optimization, as opposed to relying on more powerful hardware components to achieve better results. Assuming that the new technology works as advertised and improves app loading speeds by up to 40%, it's likely that Samsung will use it for other models too, possibly even beyond the mid-range market segment.


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