Rumor: Two Google Smartwatches Coming, Possibly Nexus-Branded

AH Nexus Chris 15 LOGO

Over the last couple of weeks there has been a number of reports coming in on the Nexus lineup for 2016. While reports detailing that two HTC-manufactured Nexus smartphones have been coming through since very early in the year, the more recent reports have provided far more detailed information including the likely specs for the Nexus Sailfish and the Nexus Marlin smartphones. Now, it seems there is another very interesting rumor developing and once again, along the Nexus theme. This current rumor comes from Android Police and is based on information said to come from “multiple sources”. The sum of the rumor is that as well as Sailfish and Marlin, Google is also working on two new Android Wear smartwatches. Ones which very well could come as part of the 2016 Nexus lineup. That is, they very well could be Nexus-branded Android Wear smartwatches. The two in question are currently going by the codenames “Angelfish” and “Swordfish”.

According to the details, both watches will sport a circular design and both watches will not suffer with a ‘flat tire’ aspect. Although of the two, Angelfish is said to be the larger watch and is thought to be similar (in some ways) to the likes of the Moto 360. Some of the clear design traits that are already being noted include a three-button layout, a thickness of 15 mm, a diameter of 43.5 mm and visible lugs. It s also being reported that Angelfish will be more of a standalone watch and will come boasting additional features like LTE support, a heart-rate monitor and GPS. In contrast Swordfish is expected to be a more basic and smaller watch than Angelfish, one which has been suggested is more similar to the likes of the Pebble Time Round than anything else. Other notable differences being suggested include Swordfish making use of a one-button format and lacking the standalone features noted for Angelfish. In terms of the more physical properties, Swordfish is said to be 10.6 mm thick and sporting a diameter of 42 mm, further indicating its smaller and thinner design compared to Angelfish.


Of course, there are no details being provided on the availability or pricing of either rumored smartwatch, although the report does detail that the watches are unlikely to be launched at the same time as the Sailfish and Marlin smartphones. With the suggestion being they will arrive later on in the year. It is also being suggested that while Angelfish might only be available in one color, titanium, Swordfish is likely to be available in a variety of colors including titanium, silver and and rose gold. Adding to the assumption that Swordfish will be more customizeable, it is being suggested that Swordfish will be able to make use of MODE bands while Angelfish won’t. Last but not least, it is also being suggested that as these are (possibly) Nexus smartwatches, they could come with additional software, tweaks and feature enhancements with a prime example being that the two smartwatches will make use of an integrated Google Assistant feature.