Rumor: Pokemon GO Working on Sponsorship Deal with McDonalds

There's no doubt about it, Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm over the past week or so. Since launching on July 6th, you've likely seen a handful of people outside playing Pokemon GO, not to mention everyone else talking about it online. So it was only a matter of time before companies started working with the creators behind Pokemon GO (Niantic Labs, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company) for sponsorship deals. It looks like McDonald's might actually be the first one to do so. At least according to a rumor out of Gizmodo.

The global fast-food chain is set to launch this sponsorship deal in one Asian country, although there was no word on which country, but signs are pointing to Japan. This wouldn't be a surprise, considering Pokemon was born in Japan, but then again, Pokemon GO isn't actually available in Japan just yet. It has been delayed, and no reasons as to why, have been given yet. What this sponsorship would mean, is that every McDonalds would become either a PokeStop or a gym. Both of which are crucial to those playing Pokemon GO and looking to level up.

Niantic, nor Nintendo or The Pokemon Company, have confirmed that this sponsorship is happening, however. So it may happen, or it may not. It wouldn't be surprising to see sponsorships like this happen, after all Niantic did do this with Ingress, in Japan with a convenience chain named "Lawson". This is also a way for Pokemon GO to drive in more revenue, something that the three companies wouldn't mind seeing. It's also a way to keep players interested in the game, which has seemingly become the fastest growing game and app in smartphone history.

If you haven't played Pokemon GO already, you can pick it up from the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. It's available on both Android and iOS and is free to play. Meaning you can download the game and play it, but there are some in-app purchases included, mostly for buying items. Which if you visit enough PokeStops, you won't need to spend much if any cash.

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