Rumor: Nexus Marlin Is Metal, Sailfish Is Plastic & Metal

Nexus Logo AH 00091

Right now, much of the speculation and anticipation surrounds what will be the latest smartphone to come from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7. This is a smartphone which is expected to be unveiled in the coming days and one which is likely to go on sale within the next month. While this will be a very big smartphone release, it is not the only major smartphone that is scheduled to launch soon. There will also be not one, but two Nexus devices due to be unveiled and launched within the coming months.

According to an increasing number of reports, both of these handsets are going to be manufactured by HTC. They are commonly being referred to now as ‘Marlin’ and ‘Sailfish’ and it is understood that they will generally be very similar devices. That is, they will look the same with the the main differences being that one will be marketed as a larger, more flagship and more expensive device (Marlin). While the other will be smaller and more of a price-friendlier device (Sailfish). However, a report emerging today from NexusBlog also points to another major difference between the two upcoming Nexus smartphones – the build quality.

The report which notes the information comes “from the manufacturing division of HTC itself” suggests that the two devices will differ in terms of the build quality. This is probably understandable as one will be pushed forward as a premium version of the other, although most of the previous rumors have leaned towards the two devices being very much the same in terms of their design. So while they do look alike, the latest report suggests that Sailfish will only look like Marlin and will not be built like Marlin. To highlight the difference, the information coming through identifies that Marlin will come with an all-metal build. In contrast, Sailfish will employ more of a plastic build which is joined by a metal frame surrounding the device. As the report points out, this means that in terms of build quality, Marlin will be more in line with the HTC 10, while Sailfish will be more in line with the HTC Desire range. The reports details that this is one of the ways in which HTC plans to save in the manufacturing process of the Sailfish model, which in turn is likely to be one of the ways in which they can offer Sailfish at a more affordable price-point.