Rumor: New Lighter HTC Vive Model Being Prepared For Release


The HTC Vive is a great piece of hardware, and its sales figures are so far proving as much. What it's not, however, is sleek, light and easy to use. To the contrary, the headset is bulky, unwieldy and adds to the necessary suspension of disbelief for true immersion. This, in turn, can increase factors like VR sickness and user fatigue, making long sessions impractical, if not outright impossible for some users. According to a Redditor by the name of IAmSad5566, however, that all may change by the end of the year or early into next year.

The redditor in question is one who claims to have been present during a Taiwan Paiho's analysts' meeting, where new products, outlooks for the future and other such topics are discussed among not only insiders and shareholders, but industry analysts and journalists. Paiho being the head strap supplier for the HTC Vive, it was said to have been announced during the meeting that they would be creating a new head strap for a new model of the Vive. A timeline for the release of the new headset was not spoken of, but the CEO did say that the new strap would be heading to HTC's supply chains in September of this year, making it quite likely that the new headset would be hitting stores before the end of the year, or perhaps in early 2017.

While the HTC Vive is supposed to feature a modular approach that would allow a user to change out something like a head strap, the CEO of Taiwan Paiho did reportedly say that there would be a new Vive model. Given the small amount of time between the first release of the Vive and this alleged new model, it's unlikely to be anything more significant than a redesign or tweak of some sort, which would be to the external portion of the headset, since a new strap would apparently be required. Thus far, of course, this is all rumor and speculation, and should be taken with a good few grains of salt. If you happen to be on the fence about getting a Vive due to its size or other design considerations, you may want to hold on a little longer.

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