Redditors Calling T-Mobile Tuesdays "A Joke"

When T-Mobile first rolled out T-Mobile Tuesdays as part of UnCarrier 11, many were thrilled. Great rewards were promised, and even the chance for some "epic loot" every now and then. So far, we have seen very little epic loot of any sort, even with contests considered, and the gifts have changed substantially, which isn't a bad thing in and of itself. The key difference between when the service began and now, however, is that most of the gifts can't do much without the customer putting some money down themselves, relegating them from "free stuff" to mere discounts. One example is the tale of T-Mobile users and free pizza. After the sheer demand literally broke Domino's and made them back out of the deal, it became clear that completely free stuff may not work out, in some instances. Free movie rentals from Vudu and a free Frosty at Wendy's stuck around until recently, but a $15 Lyft coupon is still on the books for users every Tuesday.

As the deals and perks seemingly become less and less completely free, unsatisfied users stormed a Reddit thread about a teasing Tweet from T-Mobile CEO John Legere. The Tweet didn't touch on Tuesdays, only saying that a new announcement is coming soon, but one Redditor, ken27238, made a comment about the situation and that was all it took to get a storm brewing. Next Tuesday is set to gift users with $30 off on Hotel Tonight, a digital subscription to Conde Nast Travel, the aforementioned Lyft code, and the continuation of zero-rated data use for Pokemon Go. Many Redditors pounced on the rewards, with most having no idea who Conde Nast, former owner of Reddit, was, and pointing out that the Hotel Tonight coupon, as with last week's in-store accessory discount, required money upfront to be of any use, keeping it firmly out of "free stuff" territory. Others pointed out that Lyft is not available in all areas, and that Pokemon Go uses very little data to begin with. Cadams7701 went as far as to say that the loyalty program was "turning into a joke." Npakaderm took the opposite route, saying that T-Mobile was not obligated to give away anything and that the wave of criticism represents an entitled attitude. While that point may be correct in its own way, users who are promised completely free gifts and only receive discounts or gifts that they either don't want or can't use will naturally feel a bit jilted.

As for other possible meanings to Legere's Tweet, some speculated that it would be an official announcement of a buy one get one deal for the Galaxy Note 7, while others said it probably had to do with T-Mobile's unlimited high-speed data and calling in Rio during the Olympic Games. Others spoke of Verizon's recent forcing of grandfathered unlimited data plan customers onto higher priced plans, or speculated that he would have some words concerning AT&T's Q1 2016 earnings.

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