Project Fixup Launches Pokemon GO Dating Service

Pokemon GO AM AH 1

Of all the odd or disturbing stories that have been fueled by the launch of Pokemon GO a couple of weeks ago, this one might actually be…not as weird. A new Pokemon GO dating service has now been started by Project Fixup, aiming to bring together like-minded Pokemon trainers, and possibly help them to connect on a more personal level.

Pokemon GO is supposed to be a social game, or a massively multiplayer online augmented reality game that takes place outdoors, in the real world. But beyond noticing who is or isn’t playing Pokemon GO in the park or on the sidewalk by determining how intensely they’re staring at their smartphones, there’s not much of a social aspect tied in with the core game mechanics. Sure, the game world invites players to the same hotspots, and you could gather a few friends and create a network of lured PokeStops for double the fun, but whether or not you can muster the courage to talk to another Pokemon GO player you may come across, is up to you. Regardless of whether this is by design, the game mechanics don’t force the social aspect on the players beyond inviting them to go outside. But for Pokemon GO players who may want to meet and date other trainers, the new PokeDates dating service might be what they were looking for. The service asks users to provide information regarding what they seek in a “PokeMate” and the times of day at which they’re usually out searching for Pokemon. Afterwards, one of Project Fixup’s “Specialists will review the “PokeProfile”. Users will then receive an email detailing their PokeMatch, along with a time and place to meet.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a paid service. However, the first PokeDate is free with a promo code, and Pokemon GO players looking for a new date will then have to pay $20 per PokeMatch. It sounds like a rather pricey endeavor, but then again, all PokeDates are probably going to share the same passion for Pokemon GO and a stroll in the park is usually free. Unless armed robbers get any “funny” ideas.