Pokemon GO Reaches Monumental Install Levels In The U.S.

The results are in, Pokemon GO is a phenomenally huge hit with smartphone owners across the country. Whether you're someone who grew up with Pokemon as a kid when it was still fresh, or you've now got kids of your own who are also fans of the franchise, there's no doubting that the game has swept the country and other parts of the globe internationally. Yesterday it was discovered that it is now the most popular mobile game in U.S. history, beating out Candy Crush Saga's peak Daily Active User numbers by about 1 million. Aside from the being the most popular mobile game in American (for now, at least) Pokemon GO has also now climbed the install charts, surpassing the likes of other popular apps that have been around much, much longer.

According to recent data from SimilarWeb who analyzed Android users in the U.S., Pokemon GO has now been installed more times than Candy Crush Saga, and a host of other apps including the likes of LinkedIn, Viber, Clash of Clans, Lyft, Tinder, and others. It's also climbed the charts of the Daily Active Users with other top apps, although it still sits behind quite a few of the most popular offerings like Spotify. As of July 11th, Pokemon GO had seen more daily users on that particular day than Spotify as well as Pandora, Twitter, Netflix, and Hangouts, but it has not passed them in overall daily active users just yet, although SimilarWeb states that the gap is closing up to some degree.

Based on the install numbers, Pokemon GO has been downloaded to 10.8 percent of all Android smartphones in the U.S. as of this Monday, and while it still sits behind the DAU of apps like Facebook's Messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, those apps have been around on Android for a while, with Pokemon GO having only been launched a week ago. Given some time and continued updates with the addition of more features and gameplay elements, there's no reason Pokemon GO should be able to climb further up the DAU ladder. Alongside the DAU and install charts, SimilarWeb also estimated traffic to the Niantic website with figure beginning from February 7th of this year, stretching all the way to November 7th of this year. The chart shows worldwide traffic to the Niantic website on both mobile and desktop platforms, with July seeing the highest traffic to date, and November set up to be its highest traffic month of the year, assuming December doesn't show an increase.

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