Pokémon GO Proves To Be A "Unique Video Game" Hit On YouTube

Pokémon GO is a unique entity. Whether you play it or not, it seems near impossible that you have not heard of the game, as it is one which has been littered throughout news and media outlets over the past few weeks. However, that is an example of the news and media outlets responding to the market. As even from the very moment Pokémon GO launched, it became clear that this was quickly becoming the next big thing on social media. In spite of now being on the market for about three weeks, it is already a game which has topped download charts, broken install records and amassed more than 30 million users on Android alone. This is all even before the app has reached a full worldwide roll out.

The knock on effect of Pokémon GO is also real with many companies looking to get in on the action. Some of those like McDonald's have become part of the action by becoming sponsored PokéStops in Japan, while T-Mobile has zero-rated data for its customers and The Simpsons even released a new promo video to YouTube which played on the Pokémon GO phenomenon and racked up millions of views in mere days.

Speaking of which, YouTube is one of the big winners from the Pokémon GO craze as since the release of the game, YouTube videos related to Pokémon GO have spiked across the board. So much so, YouTube has released a post on the topic today and noted that based on the YouTube data, YouTube rates the Pokémon GO impact as “a unique video game phenomenon like no other.” YouTube states that in spite of only being available for a short period of time, Pokémon GO related content is already being watched “twice as much” as Overwatch and “three times as much” as The Division by Tom Clancy. Two titles which are also considered to be 2016 blockbusters. The blog post goes on to note that Pokémon GO has “consistently been one of the top 3 games on YouTube (trailing only Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V)”. While also pointing out that the craze has resulted in a resurgence for older Pokémon videos like the Pokémon theme tune as well as the Google Maps April Fools’ day prank from 2014.

On a last point, YouTube also decided to take a look at the results of data pulled on the three teams which players can assign themselves to when signing up. The idea being to see which team is the most popular based on content watched. You can see the results of this particular data set in the chart below, although it is clear that Team Instinct is the least popular of the three.

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