Some Pokemon GO Players Say Pets Can See Pokemon


Among those who do and don't believe, the subject of how spiritually and naturally sensitive pets may be is widely debated. Some say that they can see the world beyond plain as day, overlaid on our world like a mass form of augmented reality. Animals are also believed to be a bit more sensitive to electrical and natural phenomenon than humans, with stories floating around all over the place of pets predicting house fires and natural disasters. The Pokemon in Pokemon GO are electrical phenomena, of sorts; they exist inside Niantic's servers and on our phones, but not necessarily in the air. This has not stopped some players from alleging that animals may be able to see Pokemon.

With multiple photographs circling the web as evidence, mostly originating in Japan, some players argue that pets can in fact see Pokemon just as clearly as if they were in the real world. If this is actually the case, there are a number of possible explanations, both grounded in science and less so. For example, a pet may be able to pick up on the faint electromagnetic signals emitted to and from a phone in such a way that their brain extrapolates onscreen data into the real world, usually resulting in them seeing random things they don't understand. With a game like Pokemon GO, however, they simply see the world around them, but with Pokemon laid on top of what the camera sees. Of course, these animals may just be looking where their owners are pointing their phones to see what all the fuss is about.

Whatever spiritual, scientific or downright cringeworthy explanation you may be able to think of, the fact is that a good amount of players are capturing photos that make it look as though animals can see Pokemon the same way you see them, though not all of these animal-Pokemon photographers are convinced, themselves, and many see the phenomenon as nothing more than a funny coincidence. Still, with many pet shelters out there offering local Pokemon GO players the chance to share their Pokemon adventures with a dog in need of walking, there's very little reason not to put these allegations to the test, no matter how skeptical you are.


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