Pokemon Go Player Catches All 142 Pokemon Found In The US

Pokemon GO wasn’t released that long ago, but in the short while it has been available for download, it has already become one of the most popular mobile games in history. It’s hard to find people who haven’t at least for once tried their hand at the new augmented reality game that has been the talk of the town over the past couple of weeks, but some are taking their love – and obsession – with the little critters to remarkable heights. As if roaming the length and breadth of your hometown to catch Pokemon wasn’t enough, a New Yorker is now claiming to be the first person in the U.S. to have caught all 142 different Pokemon that you can realistically hope to catch in the country.

The claim was made by a New York-based individual who goes by the username ‘ftb_hodor’ on Reddit. As proof of his exploits, he posted an image believed to be a screenshot of his smartphone, showing he’s got the entire bunch of 142 Pokémon in his Pokedex. Now, while Pokémon Go in theory offers 151 different Pokémon species, 141 is the most that anybody can realistically aspire to get hold of in the U.S., seeing as the rest are either extremely rare or are restricted by geography. While Mr. Mime shows up only in Europe, Kangaskhan has only been spotted in Australia. Farfetch'd, meanwhile, can only be found in Asia. The other six, namely, Articuno, Ditto, Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres and Zapdos, are reportedly yet to be spotted in the wild anywhere.

What’s remarkable is that the person claiming to have completed the full Pokedex says that he never had to travel that far from home to grab all the monsters. Apparently, New Jersey was as far as he needed to travel for his adventure. He also claimed that four PokeStops located near New York’s Central Park helped him complete his hunt, which took him two full weeks and over one hundred hours of hard work. For his efforts, he got to catch 4,269 Pokemon in total, hatching 303 eggs and travelling a distance of over 95 miles around New York and New Jersey. Well, now that the Level 31 Pokemon trainer has got all of the 142 Pokemon available stateside, it remains to be seen who gets the honor of grabbing all 151 by travelling around the world in their quest to be the ultimate.

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