Pokemon GO Now Officially Available in Italy, Portugal and Spain


For a lot of people all over the world this recent return of Pokemania has been something that they've had to endure from the sidelines, as the game has yet to become available in their corner of the world. Pokemon GO has been easy to sideload for a lot of people all over the world, but it's steadily started to come online officially all over the world, and now more parts of Europe are getting official access to the game. The United Kingdom, as well as Germany, recently got official access to the game, and now Italy, Portugal and Spain are getting the same treatment.

The original idea was to launch the game in parts of Europe towards the end of last week, but given the huge demand for the game in the original launch regions, the team had to make some adjustments. The wait hasn't been too long however, as it's taken them just a week to add a further five regions that can play the game. This means that Italy, Portugal and Spain join the United Kingdom and Germany in Europe and the United States in North America. The amount of countries that Pokemon GO has launched in is constantly expanding, and when trading finally becomes part of the game, you should be able to trade with friends and family all over the world, with places further afield such as Australia perhaps providing some rare and exclusive Pokemon.

For those that are unsure of how to get started in Pokemon GO, there's a lot of great information available on the site, and there's also a way for players to request that a PokeStop or Gym be added to their area. This might be of particular help to those in parts of these three new countries that are fairly rural and need a little more adding to their town or city to make the game worth playing. While the hype in the United States has seemingly reached fever pitch, how the game fairs throughout the rest of the world will be interesting to watch, and if Niantic and Nintendo can take the world by storm, it will be an impressive feat, indeed.


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