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Whenever there's a game that becomes as big as Pokemon GO has in such a short time as Pokemon GO has, there's always going to be a huge amount of activity surrounding it. So far, that activity has ranged from connecting people all over the world in places around their local community, people crashing into police cars, and some more saddening occurrences. Of course, for all the good in the world, there is always going to be some bad. No matter what it is you're playing Pokemon GO for, to be the very best, to catch them all, you'll end up climbing through the ranks. Players need to keep on levelling up in order to get access to better equipment and stronger Pokemon. It does however, appear as though there's a limit to this.

This is sort of standard for these sort of role-playing games, and anyone that's played an MMORPG game in their time will understand how these level caps work. According to information found by some enterprising hackers, who took apart the code of the Android APK package file, this level cap currently stands at Level 40. For those that have been playing the game and are currently around Level 10 or something might think this is a short run to hit the cap. However, the later levels require a hell of a lot more experience than those that came before it. For instance, Level 14 requires 10,000 XP to get to Level 15, but to get to Level 16, you're looking at a requirement of 15,000 XP. So, while the number 40 itself doesn't seem too far away, getting through the levels is easier said than done. Of course, with some Lucky Eggs and a lot of Pidgeys, you might get there quicker than you think.

Whether or not this level cap is to stick around indefinitely is unclear, but it is likely to be lifted. After all, Pokemon GO is a game that has a lot of scope for improvement and new content to be added over time. While the original 151 Pokemon appear to be able to be caught in Pokemon GO, there are – not including those to be unleashed with the launch of Sun and Moon this Fall – 721 Pokemon out there. So, there's a long, long way to go before Niantic run out of content to keep pumping into the game.

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