Pokemon GO Causing Sales Surge For Some Retailers

Pokemon GO is causing some retailers to see a surge in the sales revenue related to smartphone accessories due to the game's popularity. There's no doubt that Pokemon GO's wild success would be felt by the likes of Nintendo, Google Play, and the App Store, but it was likely unforeseen by many that retailers would get a boost in sales from the game. Pokemon GO, an augmented reality game available on Android and iOS, is a huge drain on the smartphone battery which can be a cumbersome matter for individuals who find themselves playing the game quite a bit. That is, unless you have a way to keep your devices topped up on battery power throughout the day.

Reports are surfacing that retailers such as AT&T, GameStop, and even RadioShack have seen an increase in sales for items such as mobile chargers and battery cases following the game's launch here in the U.S. While Niantic, Pokemon GO's developer, has integrated an in-game battery saving mode that can be enabled at any time, this simply dims the screen and doesn't boost the battery life of the phone to a stellar degree as the app still stays open utilizing data as well as GPS location.

Having a mobile charger on hand or a case that fits onto the phone which has a built-in battery and is capable of charging the device while being used, can go a long way in ensuring players are able to continue their adventures without worrying that their phone might die in the middle of things or before the end of the day. According to the report details, GameStop has seen an increase in sales of about 45 percent since Pokemon GO has been available, while RadioShack reportedly saw a boost of 50 percent in that same time frame. Given the heavy drain on the battery, it begins to make sense as to why retailers who sell items which can help players keep their phones alive would see an increase of sales on those items. They have become a commodity and although they aren't likely to run out of stock, it wouldn't be too shocking to see some stores run low.

The sales boost also looks to have given the retailers a bright idea to attempt to drive sales up even more, by offering players free charging stations and lemonade stands as well as post on social media in a bid to entice customers to their location. Other retailers like Sprint are training their employees to where each store in the U.S. has a Pokemon GO expert that can answer questions and assists customers on the game, while also discounting chargers to drive sales of their own. GameStop is taking a slightly different approach to luring customers to the store by using actual Lures, rather "Lure Modules," an in-game item which attracts Pokemon to PokeStops. GameStop has reportedly purchased packs of PokeCoins which is the game's currency to buy the lures and attract Pokemon, which would in turn hopefully draw players to the store in hopes of catching them. GameStop is also going to be offering the Pokemon GO Plus wearable in limited quantities in their stores beginning next month.

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