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Pokémon fever is sweeping the world at an insane pace, so it's not entirely crazy to think that the person you're meant to spend the rest of your life with may be snagging their 50th Pidgey or taking a gym for the glory of their team right now. Even though it may just be one thing, you both obviously share a love of Pokémon, so you can meet up and go from there. That's the idea behind Pokémon GO player dating app PokeMatch. Unlike other Pokemon GO-based dating services out there, PokeMatch is entirely free. It launched just a few days ago, and made its way to iOS today. Along with the expansion of compatible OS platforms, the app picked up a new feature; on top of helping you find love, the app can help you form the baddest, friendliest Pokémon hunting party this side of the nearest PokéStop.

Bonding over one thing can create an attraction that helps to foster the sharing of other passions, eventually leading to two individuals falling in love. If the thing they want to bond over is Pokémon GO, this app has them covered. Users can view each others' profiles and decide if they want to meet up or not. While this means that the app could technically be used by those not looking for a lifelong Poké-partner, that function was not officially supported until today's update. Non-amorous encounters on the Pokémon GO trail can be individual friends, or even groups.

In the few days it's been out on Android alone, the app has already created over 10,000 matches, though how many of those will result in successful friendships or relationships, it's far too early to say. With today marking the app's launch on iOS, it's bound to create even more connections in short order, given the massive amount of Pokemon GO players out there. Since the app encourages trainers to walk around, it's only natural that there would be dangers and even encounters with criminals, for some unlucky players. Those situations can be made much less dangerous by not playing alone, and that makes the friend finder a killer feature for this app. Before you head out to hunt down a distant Pikachu on your own, hit up the Play Store button below and see if anybody near you is down to group up.


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