Pokédrone Makes Catching Difficult Pokémon Easy


Pokémon GO has quickly become a popular activity among smartphone owners. Walking around trying to catch these virtual critters can be a great way to combine exercise and entertainment. But when you find that rare Pokémon you've been looking for, what do you do if you can't physically get to it? That's where Pokédrone comes in.

This tiny drone fits in the palm of your hand and looks very similar to other drones. The key difference here, though, is that this one will actually hunt hard-to-reach Pokémon for you. It works by connecting to your phone over Wi-Fi, and, once connected, will serve as an extension of your phone's GPS that you can move. It has its own controller, that resembles a gamepad, and has a slot on the top for the smartphone to attach to. When not in use, the Pokédrone can sit snuggly inside an enclosure in the center of the controller for safe keeping. Once the device has been setup to sync its GPS location with the phone, using the thumbsticks on the controller, the player can pilot the drone to the hard-to-get-to areas in which the elusive Pokémon are located. Once they do, the smartphone's GPS will show that the Pokémon has been found, and will give the player the opportunity to capture it. This is great for situations where the Pokémon is located in a large body of water, behind some barrier, or in some other difficult or unsafe place.

But don't pull your wallet out just yet, this is not a commercial product at this point. As of the time of this writing, the price and release date are not yet known. There has also not been any mention of what the battery life or range of the device will be like. All we have right now is this really interesting concept. This is not the first reported instance of Pokémon GO players getting a bit of help from other devices, but it certainly seems to be one of the most intriguing. If you'd like to sign up for updates so that you can be notified when the device is available, check out the source link below.


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