Pokeball Power Bank Can Actually Help You Catch Pokemon

Walking around town catching and battling Pokemon is fun, but it's hard work. What amounts to a few flicks of the wrist and a tap here and there for the trainer is agonizing, battery-intensive labor for the phone. The GPS is going full-blast, a 3D rendered trainer and map are on the display, which is usually at full brightness because the game is played outdoors, and data is constantly going in an out. It's no surprise that Pokemon Go can absolutely demolish the average battery within an hour or two of gameplay. While using the game's built-in battery saver mode helps a bit, most players have to resort to a charging case or battery pack. A stylish, themed option for a charging case exists in the form of a DIY Pokedex battery case, so why not have a power bank to match? That was Etsy user magicalsuperstore's line of thinking.

The Pokeball power bank on offer consists of a Pokeball with a clasp on the back of it, allowing it to be clipped to a belt, backpack or bag for easy transport. The front of the Pokeball, where the opening button would normally be, features a full-size USB port to plug a phone into, and a MicroUSB port to charge the Pokeball itself. The simply designed and highly desirable item will supply an on-the-go Pokemon trainer with an extra 5,300mAh of juice, supplied at a steady 2.1 amps. This means fairly speedy charging, and a bit over a charge and a half for the average smartphone. A set of LED indicators lets you know if the Pokeball is charging, if the Pokeball is full, and if your phone is charging. Naturally, featuring two ports, it can be used as a passthrough for normal charging, if you so desire.

The accessory is understandably a bit more expensive than the average power bank, but is still plenty reasonable at $40. Those who want to get serious about long sessions of Pokemon GO while making it abundantly clear that that's what they're doing will likely appreciate this, especially paired up with the DIY Pokedex mentioned before.

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