Paul Marcarelli Feels Mortal Terror In New Sprint Ad


Car accidents can be deadly, and can happen in a split second. Sprint knows that, and has made sure to let people who may feel the need to text and drive know about that fact. Thanks to their newest commercial, we can conclude that their new pitchman, ex-Verizon spokesperson Paul Marcarelli, also knows that, based on the high pitched squeal he emits when a professional driver, disguised as an unassuming ridesharing app user, decides to show him her stuff. He does regain his cool after the stunt, though, even throwing in a witty, "Can you hear that?" when the driver that just made him fear for his life declares her intent to switch to the Now Network.

Before everything goes all Nascar, however, Paul regales the driver on Sprint's network, after she mentions that she recognizes him from Verizon's iconic commercials. As in the last ad, he mentions that customers switching to Sprint will be shaving off about half of their current bill amount, on average, for a network quality loss of only about 1% from the other major carriers on the U.S. scene. At the mention of such huge savings for such a negligible difference in network quality, who wouldn't commit multiple dangerous traffic infractions just to get to their local Sprint store a few seconds or maybe a minute faster?

While the figures given in the commercial can vary from data source to data source, one thing is quite certain, and that is that Sprint has been putting considerable time, money and effort into improving their network. Between traditional densification efforts, choosing to lease their old towers instead of decommissioning them, and getting everything lined up for a large scale 5G rollout using large amounts of small cells, it's clear to industry insiders and customers alike that Sprint's network has improved considerably in the past few years, and will likely keep improving. Having sat out of the FCC's spectrum auction, they plan to leverage their considerable existing holdings, mostly from their iDEN and WiMax networks, to build out a larger, faster, and more modern network, which they hope will be on par with the competition.


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