Osterhout Design Group's R7 Glasses Can Play Pokemon GO


There are companies out there that make augmented reality gear meant to perform much like Google Glass, but more direct – glasses that you slip on and have a look at the world around you, but with digital content overlaid. One such company, for example, is the somewhat enigmatic Magic Leap. Another is Osterhout Design Group, who has a tangible product that you can actually buy right now, being their R7 AR glasses. While these glasses enable a ton of cool content and some mind-blowingly innovative new uses for AR, one app that was recently ported onto the glasses is sure to have a more universal appeal than anything else; Pokemon GO.

The glasses run Android, so it was a fairly simple matter of one of their software people simply deciding to port the game. While just grabbing the APK and throwing it into your consumer pair of R7 glasses will probably not net you the best result, a few tweaks made by the ODG team made the game more than playable. The game is made to be played in portrait mode, but the glasses present content in landscape, so a temporary spoof was in order. Once the game loaded, however, they were off to the races. Rather than the touch controls present on the phone version of the game, the team implemented controls based around the ring controller that accompanies the R7 glasses, allowing their office's Pokemon trainers to pick items and throw Pokeballs like they were actually in the game.

Having the Pokemon appear in front of players for real makes the game about as close to the original trailers that it will likely ever get, at least for the foreseeable future. You will, of course, need to connect the glasses to Wi-Fi, since they are running the game and don't have cellular connectivity. Aside from a few minor hiccups, it's not only very playable, but an incredibly lifelike Pokemon experience, essentially a few voice commands and gameplay changes away from putting players right into the Pokemon anime that some grew up with. Head through the source link for a video of the game in action, seen by putting the camera in front of the R7 glasses.

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