OnePlus 3 Update Halted, Possibly Due To IMEI Reveal Issue


The OnePlus 3 is the latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus and following in the traditional OnePlus trend, this is a smartphone which looks to offer a very high-spec device at a not so high-spec price. Needless to say, it does already seem to be selling well and attracting a significant amount of attention from the general market. This is also a device which seems to be off to a good start in terms of updates with OnePlus already pushing out updates to fix various issues and add improvements. The latest of which is the OxygenOS 3.2.0 update which started rolling out to OnePlus 3 smartphones yesterday.

That said, it does now look like the update has been temporarily halted. According to the edited OnePlus blog on the update, the update roll out has been temporarily stopped "due to some reports of issues while upgrading." OnePlus has not gone into details on what those issues are but have confirmed that they "are temporarily stopping the rollout to investigate" and will recommence the rolling out "as soon as possible."


While OnePlus has yet to provide details on the reported issue(s), it seems some areas of social media including the OnePlus forums are providing insight into what those issues could be. One particular OnePlus forum thread is stating that after updating, IMEI numbers are being sent over HTTP instead of HTTPS. According to the details, this is happening when OnePlus 3 owners are hitting the 'Check for updates' feature in the settings. As a result and the assumption being made, is that when checking for an update, the IMEI number of the phone checking for the update becomes visible to anyone who is on the same network at the time of update checking. Of course, OnePlus has yet to confirm whether this is an issue at all, or whether this is the issue which has halted the update or whether there are other issues as well. However, those interested in finding out more about the reported IMEI issue or reading the OnePlus updated blog post on the stopping of the rolling out, can do so by heading through the source links below.

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