Nintendo Is Working On A Game-changing Miitomo Update


While Pokemon GO seems to have taken the mobile gaming world by storm, Nintendo's first mobile game might actually regain some of its traction. Apparently, Nintendo is preparing a new update for Miitomo, which might solve one of the main issues that may have led to half the player base abandoning the game over a period of time of two weeks: lack of progression.

Nintendo is working on a new update for Miitomo, and according to a report from Polygon, the meat of the update consists of a new mini-game called Candy Drop. Despite its name, the mini-game in question will not be a means to acquire more candy, but instead, it will offer a new way to spend the candy pieces that have been collected by Miitomo players from other mini-games. Spending candy through the Candy Drop mini-game will give players an opportunity to win game tickets, which can then be used to play the existing Miitomo Drop game. At the moment, the only way to spend candy is to unlock answers from friends, but interestingly enough, the upcoming update is said to remove this feature from the game entirely. Instead, players will be able to visit and listen to their friends' answers to survey questions without having to spend any more candy. Additionally, the update will apparently add an option to disable the Miifoto of the Day feature, and furthermore, it will give players the possibility to set permissions for who is or isn't allowed in their rooms.

All in all, it sounds like the upcoming Miitomo update might fix some of the issues that have dulled the gameplay, which is definitely good news for players who are still enjoying the title. However, only time will tell if the new features and changes will be enough to rekindle the interest of players who have already abandoned the game early on. Not long after its release, Nintendo's Miitomo had over 10 million users worldwide, but sadly it was unable to keep players invested for long. However, it's worth noting that the game continued to receive updates and various improvements since its release, and with the new Candy Drop mini-game on its way, perhaps some of the older players will be interested in giving Miitomo another try.

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