Niantic Files Reveal Numerous Tips for Pokemon GO Players

Pokemon GO AM AH 40

Pokémon GO is undeniably the most popular game of 2016, having been downloaded over 75 million times since its launch, and creating a worldwide sensation. Although the popularity of the game is soaring, not enough information about the game has been published by Niantic, developer of Pokémon GO. A lot of in-game features have not been explained properly, and a lot of questions remained unanswered. Here are 30 tips about Pokémon GO that every aspiring Pokémon trainer should keep in mind while playing the game. It is to be noted that while the information is obtained from game data files, it has not been officially confirmed by Niantic, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

First off, the maximum level cap of players is 40. And to reach level 40 from 39, you need 5 million experience points or XP. To put things in perspective, the total XP required to hit the level cap for a beginner is 20 million, so the last level itself needs a quarter of the total XP, making it incredibly difficult to reach the level cap. The level cap for eggs are level 20, so after you level up over 20, you will not get higher CP Pokémon’s. CP stands for combat points and is a measure of the strength of the Pokémon.  It should also be noted that the level cap for wild Pokémon is level 30, and anyone over the level will find the Pokémon with the same CP in the wild. There is also a rank above the gold badge for people who have hit gold badge while walking to catch Pokémon.

It has been noticed that the accuracy of throws and curve balls affect the chances of catching a rare Pokémon, and it gets more evident with a higher level. Each unique Pokémon has its flee rate and capture rate, and during battles, each move has a different rate of accuracy and critical hit rate. The damage dealt by Pokémon increases with the trainer leveling up. And it is quite evident that as the player rises in the ranks, it gets increasingly hard to catch Pokémon. In each battle, the charge meter gets filled by 1 point for each 1 HP damage dealt, and critical hits have a positive effect on the charge meter. Each Pokémon has its base attack, defense, and stamina. Each Pokémon has its own evolutionary and HP modifier which increases the CP and HP after evolution. Defense Pokémon at the gym attack once every 1.5 seconds.

Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno are the legendary Pokémon while Mew is mythic. Although this is not confirmed, Farfetch’d, and Ditto is supposed to exist in the game. Region-specific Pokémon also hatches from eggs. In non-legendary Pokémon, Dragonite has the highest base attack at 250. In legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo has a base attack of 284, while Articuno has the highest base defense. Legendary Pokémon also has a specific spawn rate but no capture rate in game files. Master Ball also supposedly exists in the game somewhere.