Nexus July Security OTA Updates Available In Incremental Form

The most current and up-to-date monthly security update to come through arrived for Nexus devices a little over a week ago. This is the July security update and one which brings with it a number of fixes and patches to protect against the latest found and combated against vulnerabilities. At the same time as the updates being announced, the OTA and factory images were also released so those Nexus devices owners could immediately begin installing the latest security-driven update for Android to their devices.

That said, applying updates is a rather time-consuming process. This is regardless of whether they are received as an OTA or flashed by the user. For instance, the July OTA update for the Nexus 6P comes in at about 910 MB, while the factory image is basically the same for the Nexus 6P weighing in at 914 MB. As such, it is worth knowing that if you have yet to apply the latest update to your Nexus device, there is a quicker and easier way as incremental versions of the same updates have now made their way to GitHub. To put this into perspective, the incremental version of the Nexus 6P update weighs in at a much tidier and more manageable 17.7 MB.

Of course, as these are incremental updates, it does need to be made clear that the Nexus device being updated does need to be running the previous incremental version. This means owners of the Nexus 6P will need their current version to be MTC19X, with this update boosting their system to version MTC19V. Likewise, if you own a Nexus 5X, then the from version should be MTC19Z, with version MTC19V being applied. Owners of the Nexus 6 will be updated from version MOB30O to MOB30M, although there is a different version for AT&T Nexus 6 devices, which will update your system from MMB30K to MMB30J. Closing out the phone options is the Nexus 5 which will sees its bump from version MOB30P to version MOB30M.

Moving on to the tablets and Nexus 7 (2013) owners (both Wi-Fi and LTE) will see their system moving from version MOB30P to MOB30M. Likewise, Nexus 9 devices (again both Wi-Fi and LTE) will also see their system bumping from MOB30P to MOB30M. If you are the owner of the Pixel C and looking to update, then you will need to be running version MXC89K and this update will bring you up to version MXC89H. While owners of the Nexus Player can update their system from version MOB30P to MOB30M. Those interested in grabbing an incremental update for their respective Nexus device, can do so by heading through the link below.

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