Newest Samsung Pay Promo Gives You A $10 Amazon Gift Card

While most Android smartphones are capable of using Android Pay, so long as they support the payment system and carry NFC, only Samsung's Galaxy devices can use Samsung Pay. Both have their slight differences, but in the long run they both provide the same end goal. An easier means of paying for goods and services both online and while out and about at physical retailers. If you use Samsung Pay, and whether or not you have been using it since it initially launched, Samsung has made attempts to entice Galaxy device owners to make payments through the service by way of promotions. The latest of these is an offering of a $10 Amazon gift card.

For those wondering how they can score themselves a free bit of cash to use on Amazon's massive online merchant website, the process is a fairly simple one. First, you'll need to have a compatible Samsung Galaxy device which is the obvious criteria and includes the most recently launched Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, as well as devices like the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, and a handful of others. Your bank or credit union will also have to support Samsung Pay before you can add cards to the app and use it.

If you fit into both of these categories of users, then all you will have to do at this point is make three Samsung Pay purchases and Samsung will end up giving you a free Amazon gift card with $10 on it. Of course, there are some stipulations of note which users will need to pay attention to. The three purchases made with Samsung Pay will have to be "qualifying purchases," so users should familiarize themselves with what types of purchases qualify. Second, all three purchases have to be made between July 15th of 2016 and August 1st of 2016, giving people precisely 15 days to make them. It is worth mentioning that any supported banks with compatible credit and debit cards are able to be used to make eligible purchases, save for Visa debit cards from Bank of America that were added to Samsung Pay before March 31st of this year, as well as private label cards. Anything else that supports Samsung Pay should work just fine. Also worth mentioning is that an Amazon Gift Card is not mailed out to you physically, but rather it's stored in your Samsung Pay wallet just like with the gift cards that had been given out for previous promotions. Lastly, the promotion is only being offered to U.S. Samsung Pay users.

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