New To Pokemon GO? Here's How You Can Level Up Faster


Pokemon GO has been available in certain regions for nearly two weeks, and more recently the title was released in more countries across Europe, as well as in Canada. In other words, the game is fairly new for Pokemon trainers who may have refrained from installing in on their Android devices through unofficial APK files shared on the Internet, and these new players may quickly find out that their characters are not as developed as others'. Fortunately, there are ways to level up faster and without spending real money in the in-game shop, so if you are a new Pokemon GO player and you would like to see fast progress, the information below might come in handy.

Pokemon GO is a game that uses Google Maps and the real world as its playground, and because of this, the game is more rewarding to players who are searching for Pokemon in crowded areas, as opposed to rural areas. This is because crowded areas have more points of interest, such as town squares, historical districts, and tourist attractions, many of which are translated into "PokeStops" inside the game world. These PokeStops are the main way to acquire in-game loot, including Pokeballs, Incubators, Potions and so on, without having to spend real money in the in-game shop. Additionally, PokeStops can be used to acquire Pokemon faster by attaching a lure which attracts nearby Pokemon not only for the lure's owner but for other nearby players as well. Evidently, catching Pokemon is one of the fastest ways to acquire experience and level up the in-game avatar, and the most effective way to take advantage of PokeStops is to team up with friends and other players. The idea is to find an area with multiple PokeStops and have each player attach a lure at each PokeStop in order to create a network of "lured" PokeStops for all the trainers in the area. Players will then walk from one PokeStop to the next in order to catch Pokemon and / or spin for more loot, and will repeat the process in a loop until the lures expire. In addition, lured PokeStops will refresh faster than usual, meaning that they'll allow players to spin for loot more frequently.

There may be other advantages to attaching lures to PokeStops and creating these higher density areas besides leveling up and acquiring Pokemon faster. There are speculations suggesting that the chance of finding rarer Pokemon in an area improves as the number of nearby players increases, so if you'll grow bored of catching Rattata and / or Pidgey for the nth time, you may want to consider gathering more players and create a network of lured PokeStops for everyone in the area to enjoy.

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