New MetroPCS Deal Squarely Targets Boost Mobile


Ever since John Legere took over, T-Mobile has been all about inciting industry-wide change by undercutting and undermining the competition. Putting competitors in the cross-hairs is simply a matter of business for the Uncarrier these days. That said, their newest deal, using MetroPCS as the conduit, is aimed right at Boost Mobile's heart. The deal's purpose is literally to offer a better deal to Boost customers at some levels for the exact same price or lower, depending on their current data package and number of lines, and it comes as Sprint is trying to reshape parts of their plan for the prepaid space, hedging bets on a planned re-launching of Virgin Mobile.

Specifically, the deal offers customersĀ on family plans or those who want to start one the chance to add a line to the family plan for only $25 per month, complete with as much data on that line as there is on the main line, up to 5GB. The deal also applies to those who are starting up a new family plan. This means that somebody making the jump from their own plan to a 4-line family plan can get 6GB for themselves and 5GB a pop for their other lines for $140. While this price is the same as Boost Mobile, the deal truly shines with those already on family plans adding new lines, or with customers whose main line is on a higher data plan.


The other part of the new deal sees a direct bid to pull subscribers from Sprint's prepaid services by offering $60 off of a new smartphone for each number ported in, allowing the family to switch for free if they go for lower-end offerings, or enjoy a heavy discount on more high-end devices. In the press release, John Legere took care to point out T-Mobile's superior network as a big reason to switch, and even went as far as to say that Sprint "should just tap out already". He proceeded to talk about new ad campaigns featuring UFC fighters like Ronda Rousey, Paige VanZant and Anthony Pettis, and even posted the ad with Rousey up to YouTube.

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