Mountain View PD Arrest Man Suspected Of Google HQ Attacks

A recently discovered police affidavit states that Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California has undergone a string of attacks dating back to May 19th, 2016, where the man suspected by Mountain View police of carrying out these attacks is said to have been noticed by a Google employee tossing two beer bottles thought to have been fashioned into Moltov Cocktails, judging by the broken glass and "scorched ground at a Google Street View vehicle. The initial attack which happened on May 19th, happened at around 11 PM in a Google HQ parking lot that is located on Salado Drive.

The man that was arrested which is now being held without bail in the Santa Clara County Jail was identified as Raul Murillo Diaz of Oakland, and is being charged with one count of arson for the attack back in May. Following that initial attack, Diaz is reported to have attacked a different Google building last month on June 4th, firing shots at the windows of the building. His SUV was apparently caught on security cameras that were capturing the surrounding area, which Mountain View Police state was noticed at the first attack as well. A third attack took place on June 10th where an unidentified man in a hooded sweatshirt was seen on security camera footage with a squirt gun that is thought to have been full of flammable liquid. Police believe that this was used to squirt and cover a vehicle in a Google parking lot, which originally thought to be a self-driving car but later confirmed by a Google spokesman that this was not the case. The car was later found covered in flames when emergency responders arrived.

Having noticed the same SUV at both attacks on separate dates, Police were able to spot the vehicle during a traffic stop when it was seen near another Google building just last week on June 30th, where they found Diaz in the SUV with the materials needed to make a pipe bomb along with a weapons case. When asked by the officers about the attacks, Diaz reportedly told them he "felt Google was watching him and it made him upset."

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