Minor Update To Pokemon GO Adds Nougat Support


Many will say that this update is long overdue, but the mega-popular Pokemon GO has patched in support for Android 7.0 Nougat, its developer preview, that is. While the number of users running the developer preview of Android N is fairly small compared to the number of users at large, being limited strictly to Nexus owners and Xperia Z3 owners for now, it is nice to see this subset of users spoken for. The update will also allow compatibility with the final version of Android 7.0 Nougat when it finally drops. There were no release notes on the update, however, leaving it a mystery just what else may have been fixed or added in.

With updates reportedly on the way to fix up server and performance issues, as well as to allow new features like trading, it should be no surprise to see the updates start rolling in this early on. While this update did not include any patch notes, the simultaneous update for the iOS version did. The iOS version received a fix to the infamous Google Account access issue, as well as some much-needed app stability fixes. Players also got a bit more stability when logging in with their Pokemon Club credentials, and no longer had to input their credentials multiple times when the game froze and had to be reloaded, or outright booted them. A quick test seems to indicate that this is the case on Android, as well, but any other possible changes remain unknown.

The login fix and Nougat compatibility alone will be a breath of fresh air for many users. Some reported having to log back in quite frequently at first, or even that their progress ended up being wiped, only to randomly return hours later. The login issue fix should help users experiencing such instability immensely, while Nougat compatibility will ensure that all of the Nexus and Xperia Z3 owners out there getting a taste of the developer preview, as well as anybody whose phone has gotten the previews unofficially by way of a custom ROM, gets a chance to join the millions of players out in the world trying to catch 'em all.

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