Meizu's CEO Thinks MX6 Is Too Similar To PRO 6, What Now?

Meizu Pro 6 AM AH 6

Meizu had introduced four new smartphones this year, the Meizu M3, M3 Note and PRO 6 arrived back in April, and the Meizu M3S followed in June. That being said, we do expect the company to introduce a new phone soon, they’ve already confirmed that a new device will land this month, though we still don’t know when exactly. So, what device can we expect Meizu to roll out? Well, judging by the number of leaks we’ve seen, and our recently published exclusive content, the Meizu MX6 seemed like the best bet, but the latest piece of info that surfaced kind of makes us wonder, read on.

Huang Zhang is Meizu’s CEO, and his internal e-mail surfaced recently, and is quite interesting actually. In the e-mail, Mr. Zhang shares his concerns regarding the design of the Meizu MX6, stating that he might scrap the ‘Meizu MX’ line altogether if the Meizu MX6 ends up being too similar to the Meizu PRO 6. This might sound a bit exaggerated, but this wouldn’t be the first time Meizu ditches a whole line of products, remember what happened with the ‘Meizu MX Pro’ series of devices? Now, not long after the internal e-mail leaked, the company’s CEO actually shared an official statement via his Weibo (Chinese social network) account. He said the following: “If not for using PRO 6’s appearance, I think MX6 would be the best MX series smartphone,” which more or less confirms that the CEO is concerned when it comes to the phone’s design. Huang Zhang’s statement does not confirm that the company plans to ditch the Meizu MX6 altogether, but this statement sure is concerning at the very least.


The Meizu MX6 did leak several times thus far, and the most credible leak came in the form of the Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Edition images which we shared recently. It did seem that the Meizu MX6 resembles the PRO 6 based on those images, and it seems like that bothers the company’s CEO quite a bit. We do know that the Meizu MX6 was supposed to ship with the Helio X20 64-bit deca-core processor, and a metal unibody design was also expected. Rumors did say that the phone will also pack 3GB / 4GB of RAM, and 32GB / 64GB of internal storage. It will be interesting to see what happens from this moment on, will Meizu postpone the Meizu MX6 launch in order to change its design, or perhaps cancel the launch altogether? We’ll see.