Meizu CEO Hints At A Future Curved Screen Smartphone


Over the past several years, Samsung Display has developed new AMOLED screen manufacturing processes and technologies, allowing the company to create flexible displays which, in turn, led to the creation of smartphones such as the successful Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It would appear that Samsung's designs may have fueled a new trend in the mobile world, and nowadays, more and more smartphone manufacturers seem to hop on board with the concept of curved screens. More recent evidence indicates that Chinese smartphone maker Meizu could be working on its own smartphone with a curved screen, and sure enough the company's CEO recently revealed that Meizu is indeed considering joining the curved screen smartphone market in the future.

Following the recent announcement of the Meizu MX6, the company's CEO Bai Yongxiang and Vice President Li Nan have attended an interview with the Chinese media to discuss the future of the company. During the interview, the CEO denied the previous rumors suggesting that the company intends to join the Notebook PC market, but on the other hand, Bai Yaongxiang said that Meizu wants to maintain its focus on the smartphone business. In addition and more to the topic at hand, the CEO revealed that it is possible for Meizu to release a smartphone with a curved screen sometime in the future. No other details have been revealed during the interview, but readers who may have followed Meizu's story up close might be aware of the so-called Meizu Pro 7. This particular device has yet to make an official appearance, but a handful of images leaked in the past (including the one below) may have already given us a sneak preview of the handset's overall design. Assuming that these leaks and rumors have a solid foundation, Meizu seems to be borrowing a page from Samsung's playbook, and could create a smartphone that could be mistaken for a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The device spotted in the aforementioned leaked images is equipped with a display that wraps around the left and right-hand edges of the device, but ultimately, there's no way to be certain of its existence, or whether or not it will be Meizu's first curved screen smartphone. Still, according to rumors, the handset could be equipped with an Exynos 8890 octa-core SoC, 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM, and a fingerprint scanner.


Meizu Pro 7

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