Magic Leap To Begin Production Soon

AH Magic Leap logo

The enigmatic Magic Leap has been peeling away layer after layer of their mysterious facade in the past few months, even leaking out a patent for a distinctly cyberpunk headset, and it seems that they will be putting their recently-bought Florida facility to good use soon by beginning production on the “mixed reality” equipment that they’ve been hyping. Thanks to a stray lawsuit, it was also revealed that the company is doing something involving deep learning for robotics. Magic Leap founder and CEO Rony Abovitz took the stage at a recent Fortune Magazine conference in Aspen to announce that the company was “debugging” their Florida facility and preparing to enter the production phase for their first consumer product, which will have something to do with “mixed reality”.

Abovitz also referred to Magic Leap as a “full-stack company”, saying that they do all the work on the entire product and ecosystem, from components to chipmaking and software. This allows them to experiment and play around with building their products in ways that they would not be able to if they used pre-made parts. On the subject of production plans, Abovitz revealed that consumer applications will be the first devices out the gate, but that they are working on enterprise and medical applications for their currently planned hardware lines, as well as specialty hardware for those fields.

Abovitz also revealed that the company, despite being on the lookout for ten in-house developers, will be working closely with outside developers through a special workshop set to open up in the San Francisco Bay Area. While he did reveal that third-party developers will have open season on their new hardware, he did not go into detail on any sort of direction for developers, or any developer advocacy initiatives that would accompany the workshop. Taking an aside, Abovitz found a second to comment on the mega-popular Pokemon Go, saying that he likes their project and calling it “a gateway to a whole new future”. He did say, however, that Magic Leap’s technology is superior, saying that a Magic Leap user would see Pokemon as if they were actually real, rather than the somewhat shaky AR employed in Pokemon Go, though updates are planned to improve that aspect of the game.