Limited Run Of Natural Wood Android Minis Coming


The signature plastic Android mini figurines found in a number of places come in a wide variety of interesting colors and patterns, including wood grain. It's not entirely common to find an Android figurine made of a more natural material, especially wood, which can take some real skill and a good amount of time to work with to any level of satisfaction. Handmade Android figurines crafted from real wood may turn up every once in a while in remote locations or specialty shops online, but a limited run of handmade wooden figurines from Dead Zebra in collaboration with legendary New York toymaker, Ken Como, marks the first time that such figures will be made by Como.

Dead Zebra is no stranger to making Android figurines themselves, and have worked closely with Como to produce the Android figures shown. These figures feature natural wood grain, and stand five inches tall, a head or so above the more standard plastic and vinyl ones that Dead Zebra usually cranks out. Each unique figure is made from localĀ FSC certified maple and white oak, and is given its unique soft shine by shellac and beeswax. These figures are all made completely of wood, from antennas to legs, and can be disassembled for cleaning and storage. Each one will also come with a custom handmade bag and box, both made from natural materials.

The figures will be available at San Diego Comic Con, at theĀ Dumbrella booth, number 1335, for $120 per figure. With every one being completely unique, Dead Zebra's blog post encourages attendees to stop by the booth and figure out which one they like best. For those not able to make it to the San Diego Comic Con, however, Dead Zebra has announced that they will be making a few more small batches of the figurines for non-attendees to scoop up online. Like their Comic Con attending brethren, these wooden figures will be completely unique, cost $120, and come with a custom, all-natural bag and box. There was no mention of any further production after that run, so those who want one should act fast, especially if they won't be able to make it out to San Diego.


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