Leak: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Appears Yet Again

galaxy note 7

This week, the Galaxy Note 7 has done quite a bit of posing for the camera. There’s already been a few leaks of the device in the real world, and now another one has appeared. Although this one appears to be the clearest picture we’ve seen so far. The Galaxy Note 7 is slated to be announced at Samsung Unpacked, which is rumored to be taking place on August 2nd. This is so that the Galaxy Note 7 will debut ahead of the iPhone and even be on shelves before Apple’s next release.

The picture above shows the Galaxy Note 7, or a device that is believed to be the Galaxy Note 7. It looks like the screen is slightly curved, but not as much as the Galaxy S7 Edge that was launched earlier this year. It also appears that we have a slightly updated UI here on the Galaxy Note 7, of course, it’s a bit tough to tell what exactly is new based on the lock screen, unfortunately. You can also see, what appears to be, an Iris scanner at the top of the phone. It’s rumored that the Galaxy Note 7 will feature an Iris scanner, so you can use your eye to unlock your device. This wouldn’t be the first time that Samsung has used an Iris scanner, as they just released a tablet with one included.

Additionally, according to Zauba – the database that tracks all smartphones imported into India (usually for R&D testing) – the Galaxy Note 7 is supposedly going to be waterproof. As the SM-G930F has appeared on their database, and states that it is waterproof. This model number has appeared before, in relation to Galaxy Note 7 leaks. While it’s not confirmed to be the official model number for the device, it does seem very accurate. Now if the Galaxy Note 7 being waterproof, that shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise. Given that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are both waterproof, and were released earlier this year – sporting the same design language, more or less. As usual, we urge everyone to take this with a grain of salt, as we are unable to confirm whether this is the Galaxy Note 7.