It's Possible To Hatch Region-Specific Pokémon In Pokémon GO

As a few users have found out, it is apparently possible to hatch region-specific Pokémon from the eggs in the game, although it is likely a rare occurrence that is left up to chance, like most of Pokémon GO. In the short time that Pokémon GO has been launched, there has been way more coverage of the game than anyone likely expected, and this included plenty of attention that was both negative and positive. Those who have played the game will know that there is a little bit of a grind to it, and like any advantageous gamer, some players have taken it upon themselves to find ways to be more "efficient" with how things are done. This has led to loads of tips and tricks guides on how to make the most of your time catching Pokémon, and even just some useful information, like the tip that you can hatch region-specific Pokémon instead of having to travel to the country or region where they're found in the wild.

For those who may not be able to hop on a plane and jet across to Asia just to hunt down and catch Farfetch'd, the notion of being lucky and having a chance, however small, to hatch a Farfetch'd from an egg is an exciting notion indeed. Of course, to some players the activity of traveling to a new place to catch a Pokémon they've been so desperately trying to obtain could seem more exciting than hatching it, as it's more about the adventure than having the Pokémon.

For the uninitiated, Farfetch'd is one of four region-specific Pokémon that are placed throughout the globe, while Mr. Mime can be found in Europe, Tauros can be found in North America, and Kangaskhan can be found in Australia. If any of these are Pokémon which you don't have in your possession, you can try your luck at hatching them or if you're lucky enough to travel to their locations, you can try and hunt them down. As it's been pointed out, you can also loan your account to a friend or family member that you have in that region if you want them to try and catch the Pokémon for you, although this requires a little bit more trust as it is tied to your personal information.

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