Huawei Sues Samsung Once Again, This Time In China Only


Meizu had been sued by Qualcomm quite recently, the company has, allegedly, infringed on Qualcomm's 3G and 4G patents. This lawsuit applies only on Meizu's MediaTek-powered smartphones, and unfortunately for Meizu, that's the vast majority of their lineup. Now, this is not the only lawsuit case we've seen lately, Huawei had sued Samsung back in May, the company had sued the Korea-based tech giant in both China and the US. Back then, Huawei said that Samsung used their fourth-gen cellular communications technology, operating systems and user interface software in Samsung phones, and the company was apparently not licensed to do so.

Having that in mind, it seems like Huawei opted to sue Samsung yet again. According to a report from Reuters, Huawei has filed yet another patent lawsuit against Samsung, this time they're suing Samsung in China only. The court has already accepted this case, but the court's spokesman did not elaborate on it. We do know that this is yet another patent lawsuit, but we do not know to what it relates to, though we're sure more info will be shared by Huawei in the near future. It seems like Huawei is fed up at this point and is going to push Samsung to pay for the alleged unlicensed use of their technology. We're quite interested to see what is the second lawsuit all about, but we'll have to wait a bit in order to do that. Samsung's spokeswoman said that the company will "thoroughly review the complaint", and after doing that, they will take appropriate action.


As most of you know, Samsung and Apple have been suing each other for a long time now, and even though they managed to resolve the vast majority of cases, the tension is still here. Xiaomi was also a company that was aimed by quite a few companies in the past, Ericsson sued this China-based company for patent infringement a while back, and that's only one example. Huawei has sued Samsung twice in two months, will we see a third lawsuit? Well, you never know, but do stay tuned, we'll report back as soon as we get more info regarding this case, and we do hope that will happen soon.

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