Huawei Fighting Uphill Battle with Mobile Payments in China


For a lot of people, Huawei either means a budget brand of smartphone, or the maker of their beloved Nexus 6P. That's what many of us in the West think, but things are starting to change, and fast. Huawei's P-series of devices, including their latest P9 and P9 Plus devices are becoming very popular throughout Europe. Partnering with Leica as well as selling items like the Huawei Watch in high-end department stores throughout Europe and the US is turning the Huawei name into more than just a name, it's becoming a brand in its own right. With that, Huawei is looking to achieve the same sort of status that Samsung and Apple have been able to do with their payment options, starting with their home nation of China.

Earlier this year, the Chinese smartphone giant – ranked in the top 5 throughout the World – launched Huawei Pay, with China UnionPay as their one and only partner as of writing. According to a new report from DigiTimes, the firm is looking to become one of the better-known payment options in China. Of course, with both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay already operating in the country, the firm has their work cutout for them. Where Samsung is concerned however, China might not even become a large market for Samsung Pay, as the service is only available on higher-end devices, and these have typically not sold well in China. Apple however, will prove to be a formidable opponent for Huawei to overcome, having taken China by storm over the last few years.

While there have been rumors of Huawei Pay leaving China before, it seems as if for now the firm is looking to make their mark on their home turf. Perhaps Huawei could take a leaf out of Samsung's book, which has companies that offer financial services themselves in their home country of South Korea, but these could be subject to regulation and Huawei might choose to try and forge better relations with other banks and card issuers within China. Huawei is keen to turn their name into a well-known brand, and Huawei Pay will be one way of doing just that, but the firm has a long way to go before they can enjoy the sort of success of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

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