Group of Pokémon GO Players Robbed In North London Park

Pokémon GO is one of the fastest growing games ever, with players from all ages participating in capturing virtual monsters in an augmented reality map developed by Niantic. Although the game is fun and involves a lot of physical activity, it has been plagued by some serious issues. Some of them are fake apps, which lead to data theft, and then some people get too engrossed in the game to pay attention to the surroundings and traffic. This kind of recklessness has gotten several players into trouble, including accidents and injuries. Worse than that, the innocent players are being targeted by criminals, who set traps by using lures and incense in remote locations.

In one such incident in a north London park, four people were robbed of their cell phones and other valuables at gunpoint. The incident happened in Whittington Park, Holloway on Tuesday. The three victims who walked into the trap were of ages 15, 16, and 18, and were mugged at gunpoint by allegedly three masked robbers. According to the report by Metropolitan Police, one of the robbers used a handgun to scare and coerce the victims into giving up their cell phones. This incident happened at about 10 p.m. Another robbery occurred just thirty minutes before the teenagers were robbed, where a 24-year-old man was asked to hand over all his possessions by a group of three men as a gun was pressed onto his waist.

All the people were left unharmed, but their mobiles were taken, and they left the spot confused and in shock, but unhurt. According to the ongoing investigation by Scotland Yard, based on the circumstantial evidence, both the robberies seem to be connected and done by the same group of people. The investigating officer Pc Kevin Yeung mentioned that the attacks were pretty shocking, and the park is a popular destination for locals. He also appealed to witness to help arrest the suspects, as the search continues. According to the information gathered, all three suspects are Asian males, with the first one being referred to as ‘Kushi’. He was about 17 years old, five ft. six inches tall and wearing suspicious black jumpers, black trousers, and a bandana covering his face. The other two suspects are also reported to be of the same age and wore similar clothes.

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