Google Updates UI In DP5 Version Of The Google Camera

Google Camera Android N AH 1

Yesterday Google finally rolled out the last version of the Android N Developer Preview, which is now the fifth build of what will go on to be Android 7.0 Nougat once it’s actually ready for a public release, thought to be sometime later on this Summer. As with each new Android Nougat Dev Preview there have been some changes to the way that the apps either look or function, by way of small design tweaks and feature additions, and of course, improved overall performance is usually present as well. One of the apps which received a little bit of an update in the Android Nougat DP5 was the Google Camera app, which was pushed forward to v4.1 along with the software build. In it there are quite a few changes of note, one of which are small tweaks to the user interface of the app. The UI is not completely different, though, so things should still look and feel familiar.

UI changes aside, Google has updated the Google Camera app to give uses a little bit of control over certain functions. The volume button, for example, can now be set up to provide the user with three different options in regards to its functionality. Users can either use the volume keys for zooming in and out on photos and videos, it can be used as a shutter button for taking photos and starting a video recording, or it can just be used to manage the volume, although it is worth mentioning that the default setting for this is shutter. This level of control will make for a nice option for some users, and one which should prove to be appreciated as users like options.

This version of the Google Camera also includes some animations which users will likely notice once they have had the chance to use the camera. When tapping on pictures while inside the viewfinder to get a better look at them, users are greeted with a new animation here, and there is a new animation for HDR processing. There is also a new look for the timer, HDR, and flash toggles. Pulling out the menu is now easier, as a quick swipe to the right or left will open it up, and the navigation buttons now appear to dim just a little bit once the app is opened.