Google Cuts Local Guide Level 4 Perk from 1TB to 100GB

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Google Maps is arguably one of the Internet giant’s most recognizable and most-used products, and it’s something that is available and useful all over the world. The problem with this however, is that Google is based in the United States, with offices dotted all over the world, this makes it difficult for Google to make sure that their data all over the world is 100% correct, complete and most importantly; useful and informative. To do this, they ask us, regular users to lend a hand. This can be done by suggesting opening times for a place, verifying the exact name and purpose of a nearby place that has been suggested as a number of other different things, submitting reviews as well as uploading photos for others to take a look at. To make things a little more interesting, Google introduced a Level system, that would see people gain perks as they progress through the levels, now they seem to be taking some of that joy away from people.

Whenever someone signs up to be a Local Guide for Google Maps – which is really quite simple and can be good fun, too – they have checklists of things to complete, and the more of these they complete, the quicker they will advance to the next level. When Local Guides reached Level 4 they were rewarded with a whopping 1TB of Google Drive space to use for whatever it is they wanted to store online. That’s a lot of space, and often commands a premium these days, no matter which provider you choose to go with, but as of July 7th, 2016 they’ve gotten rid of this and replaced it with just 100GB of free space. Google say that they have done this “so that we can continue giving free Drive space to all Level 4 qualified Local Guides”. This seems like a fairly legitimate reason, but those looking to get to Level 4 for that specific reason might have lost their incentive to do so now.


It’s not all bad news however, as those that signed up before July 7th (Midnight GMT time) and reach Level 4 before July 21st will still get their 1TB sized treat. Otherwise, they’ll just end up with 100GB, which is still a nice little bonus and can go towards hosting larger files whenever and wherever you might need them.