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Google Search is one of those things which many people associate with knowing everything. Although, being able to find the information you are looking for can sometimes be trickier than it should be. As a result, Google has been spending a lot of time in improving its Knowledge Graph and ensuring the information you want is accessible as easily and as quickly as it can be. One of the most effective ways for mobile users of Search has been the use of Google Knowledge Graphs cards, which provide snippets of relative information in one easy to digest card form. Like for instance if you search for a place, retail location or similar, and Google automatically provides you with a card which not only congregates the information you are likely looking for (like the phone number, hours of operation and so forth), but also makes the information easy to see and work with.

Now, it seems location information cards are gaining a new snippet of information. The new feature is a rather simple one and yet one which will likely prove useful to those who often venture to tourist spots or other popular locations. The new feature appears in a place card under "Plan your visit" and simple details how long people typically spend at the location in question. So for instance, the example provided by Google in the image below is for the Golden Gate Park and suggests that "People typically spend up to 2 hours here." Which obviously is useful to know when making plans to go somewhere and having to take account of travel time and so on. This feature will essentially allow the user to gauge how long (on average) people spend at the attraction or place and allow those users the ability to factor how long they might spend at the same place.

In terms of the rolling out of the feature, the announcement came via Twitter and as a result, details are limited. It is currently unclear if the feature is live for everyone or whether it is being gradually rolled out. However, the announcement does confirm that this is rolling out to the Google app and on mobile. Therefore the assumption being that if you use the Google App directly or just head through Search in a browser (on mobile) you should start to see the new feature available in due course.


Google Plan Your Visit Card

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