Google Calendar to Get Snooze Reminders, Perhaps New API

Of the many apps that come included with the majority of Android handsets out there, the Calendar app is perhaps one that has evolved the most since Android was first launched. The Gmail app has evolved as well, and so too has the Play Store app, which used to be known as the Android Market, but these have mostly been evolutions based around user interface design. The Calendar however, has undergone both a huge facelift, back when it was upgraded with a Material Makeover, as well as many a functional update. What was once a simple app that did the small things every simple Calendar app should, has become a pretty complex and sophisticated organizer, and it's about to get even better.

With many new versions of Google Apps, the team often lay the foundation for future updates to see that new features are included properly without issue, and APK teardowns often spill the beans for the rest of us. In the latest teardown for the Google Calendar app, version 5.5.9, it appears as though the app is to get snoozing reminders once again. These were previously available in the old version of Google Calendar, and according to the strings found by Android Police, it looks like they're making a return. These snoozing options include the option to snooze an event or reminder to later that day, tomorrow, or later in the same week. On top of this, the Calendar app looks set to be able to consider which rooms are free when finding the right time for a meeting. This will probably work just the same way that the "Find a time" feature for planning new meetings does currently, by using the Google accounts of those listed to attend to see what time they're free and soon find out which rooms they have already booked out or something similar.

Finally, it looks like a new API might be headed to the Calendar service for developers to better build new apps and tools around. Or at least, this is what the many "newapi" listings inside of the new APK code suggest. These new API listings are attached to all kinds of pertinent information such as dates and times, event names and so on that apps would need access to. Just how these new features end up working in the next versions of Google Calendar is unclear, and the API could be currently included for internal testing at Google, but it does appear as though Calendar much like Inbox is set to learn a few new tricks in upcoming versions.

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