Get Alerts For Nearby Pokémon With The PokeDetector App

A new application called PokeDetector aims to alert users to the presence of nearby Pokémon, a feature which quickly seems to becoming popular as another app which recently launched, called PokeNotify, essentially does the same exact thing. The main purpose of PokeDetector is to alert you to nearby Pokémon so that you won't have to always be looking at your screen. The idea is to allow budding trainers to keep their phone in their pockets or their bags without having to worry about missing out on awesome rare Pokémon that they may not have seen had they not been looking at their devices, phone in hand.

While the goal of the augmented reality game is to hunt down Pokémon as you walk around and explore the world around you, PokeDetector solves at least one real world problem that Pokémon GO players will certainly encounter at some point while out hunting and trying to Catch 'em all, being that you would normally always have to hold onto your phone if you wanted to have any sort of chance at noticing when you are within range to catch a Pokémon of any type. In its infancy, some users have already praised the app for its ability to help them catch what they were looking for. Whether or not this app continues to stay operational and available on the Play Store for long is unclear, as PokeNotify seems to have already been pulled as its listing no longer shows up, and even searching for the app in the Play Store returns no results.

That said, PokeDetector seems to be pretty popular with it already hitting upwards of between 5,000 and 10,000 installs while also coming along with a modest yet still admirable 4.3 star rating. This just goes to show that more Pokémon GO users appear to be looking for these kinds of apps. Aside from alerting you to nearby Pokémon, PokeDetector also works with Android Wear, so if you have a smartwatch that runs on the platform you can interact with the app and get notified right from your wrist. Users can also customize the app and configure it to only send notification alerts for certain items, and the app can be set to scan either more frequently or less frequently depending on user preference. The developers state that they'll be looking to ad a manual refresh mode to the app in a future update.

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